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[Event] Pick &Receive is ended.

by dorothy

UPDATED: Your TEDN prizes are distributed!

Go to your MoA account and find your TEDN prizes!

Dear community!

We wish you happy holidays! Thank you for your participation in Dorothy Pick & Receive!

During the 3 day events, there were a total of seven lucky winners for the grand 2000 TEDN prize.

In total, we gave away about 23k TEDNs to more than 100 winning tickets.

We will send your prizes directly into your MoA wallet by the end of next week (01/03/2020).

How to access your TEDN prize!

1. Go to

2. Log in with your Dorothy ID/PW. THis must match your Dorothy ID you used to participate the event.

3. Go to your TEDN wallet and find your prize!

We wish you many wonderful moments as you are wrapping up 2019 and welcoming 2020.

Thank you.

Team Eden

Want to review your TEDN prize history?

▶️ EdenChain Links
Website :
Telegram (EN) :
Telegram (KR) :
Telegram (ANN) :


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