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Paytables on slot games explained!

by dorothy

Hello there!

Today, I am going to explain to you how to read the paytables on slot games!
Once you know one set of paytables, you pretty much know almost everything there is to know about playing any slot machine games! Psst! We are coming up with another slot game with the theme of a chillaxing Friday night-out.

So here we go! For this article, I am going to use paytables from Don Quixote’s journey. You need to know three things: (1) bet amount, (2) pay lines and (3 multipliers.

  1. Bet amount: You may bet anywhere between 1 to 1K. When you bet 1, then you are only betting on pay line 0. When you bet 10 to 1k, your bet will be evenly shared between 10 lines (0–9). What is a pay line? That’s up next!

  2. Paylines: Every time you spin the reels, you will win when you make winning combinations from left-to-right across any paylines that are formed for that spin

  • When you bet 1 TEDN: Only payline 0 is active.
  • When you bet 10 to 1K TEDN: your bet will be evenly divided among 10 paylines.

IMPORTANT! the payline must start from left to right.

image_2019-10-31_18-18-51.png?1573108956 image_2019-10-31_18-17-36.png?1573108970
Yes, it counts :)
No, it doesn't count :(

3. Multipliers: it is the number with which your bet is multiplied when symbols form winning combinations. Let’s pick the donkey for example. When the grid makes one or more of the winning combinations, then your bet is multiplied by the number in yellow.

Just for fun, floss your brain with the question below.

Quiz: Sally placed 1K and started the spin. The result came out and her grid shows line #2 with 4 donkeys. The line starts from the left side. There is no other winning combination. How much did she win?

A. She won 800 TEDN
B. She won 80 TEDN
C. She won 60 TEDN
D. She won 100 TEDN
E. I don’t know.

The answer is A. First, her bet (1K) would be divided evenly to all 10 paylines. Each payline is worth 100 TEDN when active. Payline #2 is the only active combination. The line was formed from the left side with a total of 4 donkeys. Therefore, the multiplier is x80. Therefore,

(Total bet/total # of payline) * number of active payline*muliplier = (1000/10) *1 *80 = 800 TEDN

That’s it! I hope that was clear:) Some slots may have slightly different rules specific to them, however, this should cover the most ground. You are now ready to amaze the floor with your slot machines know-how and your spin skills!

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