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[MoA Guide] Tokenization (video included)

by dorothy

Hi there!

One unique feature that you can only find in MoA is easy tokenization!
Any assets you want to digitize, MoA can help you with easy two-step processes!

Today, let me show you just how simple it is!

Here we go!

1. Log in to your MoA account. Click [Digital Asset] from the menu on the bottom. Click [+] to tokenize a new asset.

2. When the form shows up (left), fill it out just the way you like it (center).
Tips! If you want to add pictures or documents to your token, you must do it now.
Click [Create] to continue.

3. When the token creation is completed, you get a notification (left). Click [Ok] to close the pop-up message.
Check the notification by clicking the bell on the top right hand corner. Check the notification (center).
Go to your wallet and select [D-Asset Wallet]. Your token is now in your wallet.

Token-creation is completed!!! Hurray!!!! That was super easy!
Now, let me quickly share with you few tips!

Tip 1. Your token is listed under D-Asset for other users to view.
Tip 2. When clicking the token, its detail page shows up.
Tip 3. Click edit icon to edit two items: token slogan and token description.
Tip 4. Click heart icon to list it as your favorite. You can view all your favorite tokens under [Like List].

Wanna watch the entire step in a quick video?
Here is a quick video tutorial for easy tokenization.

Come visit MoA and try this easy tokenization for yourself! The future where you get to digitize your tangible and intangible assets is very near you!

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