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[dApp story] Don Quixote's Journey

by dorothy

Don Quixote’s Journey

What do you think? Is Chivalry dead or alive? Either way, you are for a treat! Join the adventure of Don Quixote. This slot captures the essence of the Spanish classic! The motifs of the novel and the stylings of modern caricature create a fun and energetic atmosphere — perfect for the undying chivalry and knightship displayed by Don Quixote. Spin the slot and try your luck! Perhaps the lady Dulcinea will bless your wallet with many TEDNs. Even if you are here just to enjoy the thematic online casino slots, it will help immerse you in the game if you know something about the original story.

What’s it all about?

In the original story, Quixote is out and about on his journey to attain knighthood. With his sidekick, Pancho, he valiantly approaches exciting and dangerous adventures, all to win the heart of his ladyship, Lady Dulcinea. In the original novel, Don Quixote only heard of her, but never actually saw her in person. We changed that! With your help, Don Quixote can win lance duels, steal smiles from Lady Dulcinea, and more. No more futile pursuit of a fantastical dream, now Don Quixote is out for some real prizes!

Slot game environment

The backdrop shows a field, just like the one where Don Quixote could have had his duel with the knight of the White Moon. In the original novel, the White Knight prevails over Don Quixote and forces him to retire. We are bringing you back to the fateful location. Will you be able to change the fate of Don Quixote with your spin? In the corner, you will see windmills, representing Don Quixote’s undying spirit for impossible challenges. The atmosphere is charged with an air of adventure, excitement, and luck. All it needs now is for you to start the spin rolling to let the game begin!

Slot symbols

Lady Dulcinea: the lady of Don Quixote’s dream. While she is a fantastical character in the novel, she is very real here! When she bestows her smiles upon Don Quixote, it most certainly brings good luck. As the only wildcard of the game, she is your lady Fortuna!
horse.png?1573098714536 Rocinante: the old horse that Don Quixote rode. Weak and slow he may be, but Rocinante is Don’s loyal companion. When he appears in a group, he is a mighty charm that brings a good return.
Donkey.png?1573098730804 Donkey: This beast belongs to Sancho. Ugly and strong-willed he may be, but he is the hidden card that you do not want to underestimate. He certainly is the sign of a high return with one of the highest payouts.
sunflowers.png?1573098744230 Sunflower: The Sunflower field is one of the famous backdrops from the original Don Quixote story. So we took a stem from the majestic sunflower field in La Mancha and turn it into a slot symbol. May your slot table be lit up with coins as golden as these sunflowers!
Sancho.png?1573098755302 Sancho Panza: he is the loyal squire of Don Quixote! If Don Quixote is the dreamer of the pair, Sancho Panza is the one who grounds the duo.
Sangria.png?1573098771763 Sangria: The Spanish nectar that Don himself and his trusted friends have enjoyed during their journey. When Don Quixote was exhausted from his battle against the windmills, legends say that he revived himself with a glassful of sangria or two.
Shield and Spears: these are the armors that Don received from his novel ancestors. As precious family heirlooms, these armors can bestow players special lucks that can bring many fortunes!

Join Don Quixote’s journey and let the beloved Spanish knight will bring you much luck and fortune!

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