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[How to play] Let's Craps ~empire~

by dorothy

Let's Craps ~empire~

Let's Craps and Grab Real Money!

#Gambling #EDN

Ready, Set, Dorothy!
Enjoy 1-Step Sign in dApps with Dorothy ID/PW.

Wanna grab some real money? Play our simplified Craps and earn fortunes fast and quick!
Let's Craps is also 1-Step Sign-in dApp! No additional sign up process is required if you have a Dorothy account!

Let me show you just how easy it is to play it. Let's Craps~

Step 1. Press [Start].

- Find Let's Craps at Dorothy.

Step 2. Sign in with your Dorothy account ID and PW. Then press [Start].

Step 3. Choose your chip and click it. Then choose your odd and click it.

Step 4. press [Roll].

Result: Check your game results at the Dice Zone. When you win, the amount will also displayed on the table.

Are you ready now?

I hope you won!
That's it! That was super fast and quick!
If you want to access your MoA account, or find more information, click [menu]. The menu is the cogs symbol placed upper left corner.

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