Dorothy is a dApp store that does things differently. A platform designed from the ground up on the principle that users should be able to find and experience all dApps flawlessly, regardless of the blockchain their favorite dApps run on or which cryptocurrency they prefer to hold. To achieve this, Dorothy is fully platform-agnostic, with its own multi-currency payment solution and an integrated wallet with asset management. For the end-user, however, the experience is entirely integrated and seamless with just a single login from the Dorothy app needed to connect them to all the most popular dApp platforms. Discover, Play, and Pay. Seamlessly.

With an advanced UI — as well as an Identity Service enabling one-step sign in — Dorothy provides familiar user experience, much like that of iOS’s App Store or the Google Play Store. Key features not found on other dApp stores include rankings, reviews, and curated lists for users to more easily find what they’re looking for. This even includes extra high-visibility positions, such as Trending dApps, Editor’s Choice, and dApp of the Day. Much like traditional app stores, Dorothy has an initial screening process to prevent malicious dApps from getting listed. Technically the best. Just under the surface of this smooth UX is an interconnected system with three core components:

1. Dorothy — the universal dApp Store with one-step login

2. MoA: An integrated wallet that supports smart asset management and easy digital asset tokenization.

3. Pegasus: A multi-currency payment solution for easy transaction across platforms. Pegasus allows users to use any cryptocurrency of their choice regardless of which dApp platform(s) they are participating in.

Together, this system makes Dorothy the best place to discover, play, and pay for in-game transactions of new dApps. It also makes it the logical choice for dApp developers, who for the first time ever have the chance to free their games from the constraints of a single blockchain’s ecosystem and fanbase.

Our ultimate goal is for the Dorothy ecosystem and the greater dApp ecosystem to grow and succeed together. We want to set the stage for dApps to become as common and easy to use as regular apps found on your smartphone today.